How is everybody so fat? Put down the cookie cupcake and go walk a mile or two. Every day I see unattractive person after unattractive person who would be at least moderately attractive if they were not 40lbs overweight. It’s pathetic, and it is depressing.

Cosmo should just release a 1 page Cover every week “How to be more attractive? Don’t be  a lard ass!”


One thought on “Obesity

  1. “booze”

    every evening my two neighbors shuffle up the apartment stairwell and past my door. first the husband, then the wife 20 seconds later. she’ll call out

    “i’m coming”
    *HUFF* HUFF*
    “i’m coming, don’t wait”
    “take your shoes off before you go in”
    “put my bible down by the tv. put your bible down by the couch”
    “don’t wait, i’m coming”
    *HUFF* HUFF*
    “remember to pray to God. it can’t all be me”
    “remember there might be cat poop inside the door”
    “why aren’t you answering me?”

    in their case it is probably just shitty diet. and age, and lack of exercise, stairmastering notwithstanding.

    i really gotta move

    p.s. welcome back. i’ve shown your blog in the past to my coworker scott as a joke (“hey dude found your blog”), but he wasn’t as amused as i was.

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